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Monster Repellent Powder

Monster Repellent Powder


This herbal powder has a strong protective energy and sweet aroma. 

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This herbal powder has a strong protective energy. Sage and frankincense purify and chase away negative energy while salt, vervain and basil create a barrier between you and other intrusive energies. Sprinkle around your space to add protection and cleanse. A protective circle can also be constructed to create a space where negativity can’t enter. Made with love, experience, and planetary timing along with ritual and energy work.

This recipe is sweeter than the traditional, but it’s still very powerful and includes many of the same ingredients. To check out the more traditional (albeit, slightly more pungent) version of this recipe, try Protection Powder! Ingredients: Frankincense, basil, sage, vervain, rose, anise, sea salt, and crystal. Made with quality herbs, flowers, resin and essential oils to create a powerful and natural product.

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Weight 65 g
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