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Personalizing Your Products

Personalizing Your Products

Buying botanical products and accessories to enrich your spiritual activities can be a great way to diversify and try new recipes, but whether you’re using incense, essential oils, stones, tarot cards, or virtually any other tool, it’s a good idea to take a moment to personalize it with your own unique energy. To do this, you want to visualize your purpose. See in your mind’s eye the outcome you desire. If you‘re using a meditation incense, see yourself in a deep meditative state; if you’re anointing a candle for health, see the oil tingling and glowing with healing energy ready to be transferred into your body. Then, clasp the product in your hands and let your intention flow from your mind’s eye, down through your fingers, and into the product you’re attuning with. When you feel like you’ve sent down all the energy you can, release it and know that it’s done.

Another way of connecting with natural energies is to use a tool as a medium to bring together the energy of the item and your own personal energy. For this I recommend a pendulum. A pendulum, when held in the hand, is an extension of your own energy and can be used to project your energy onto the item. I find this method is ideal for programming your stones to work with your energy. The process is simple. Hold the end of the pendulum in your projective hand (usually your dominant hand) as this is the hand that allows your energy to flow out of your body. Holding the pendulum above the stone (or item) allow the tip to dip down and touch the surface. Now raise the tip about an inch or so and hold your hand as still as you can. You’ll see right away that the pendulum will want to interact with the energetic field of the stone, and even though you won’t be moving your hand, you’ll see the pendulum begin to move above the stone. The pendulum, which is the extension of your energy, is now conversing with the energy of the stone. After a while (the length of time differs with each item), you will likely see the motion of the pendulum change; if it’s swinging clockwise it may turn counter clockwise; if it’s swinging counter clockwise it may begin to swing back and forth. This process will look different, and the time it takes to complete will vary each time you do this. Eventually the pendulum will slow and this will be your indication that your pendulum has finished reading the energy of your stone or item. You now know that your energetic fields are synched. This process can be repeated when you feel it’s necessary.

Once you’ve gone through the process of setting your new product’s energy to better align with your own, you’ll find that there will be less energetic “noise” during your spiritual activities. Connecting and personalizing your products and items will make it easier to concentrate on your goal, and the item you’re using will better amplify the energy that you’re trying to raise.


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